A Human Love Story through Scotland - May 21st - April 22nd 2017

A full report on my recent walking journey through Scotland will be here shortly.  What started as a desire to connect with the people and the land in the north of the United Kingdom became something much deeper than I expected.  The love stories shared and the hospitality that welcomed me along the way was inspiring and powerful and will take sometime to consider before putting pen to paper or hands to the keyboard.  In the meantime I will simply say thanks to all those who joined me, who connected with the work, who allowed themselves to become part of the journey.  Thank you. x

Pilgrimage 2017 - walking through through Scotland

In March 2017 I will be embarking on my latest long walk from Lindisafrne in Northumberland, England, through Scotland to the Western Isles, finishing at the Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis.  This is the first journey of three, to be undertook over the next 3 years, exploring the love stories of Scotland.  Sharing love stories from our personal experiences with each other, with the land of Scotland and beyond, with our place in the global and cosmological story.  Asking what love might be, what it might express. Opening conversations about communal love, belonging and home.  By the end of these three years I hope to have gathered and shared many hundreds of love stories and brought them all together as a living growing collection. A place of sharing for others to connect with, a place dedicated to the discourse and the experience of building deep community, rooted in understanding and compassion.

The Walk - Lindisfarne to the Outer Hebrides


My walk will take me across the Southern stretches of Scotland before turning north west towards the coast.  From there I will make my way towards the Outer Hebrides by foot and by sea.  The details, as usual, are undefined and are shaped by meetings, invitations and serendipity that occurs on the road and prior to my journey.  I am open to invitations from anyone who feels drawn to the work, who wants to share a story, wants to offer me hospitality, a bed for the night, a place to rest, some food.  This way of journeying, towards a place, allows me to focus on the journey and those I meet.  It allows the chance to explore communal love, how it might be expressed, how the stranger is welcomed into a place.  How we belong to a place and what home means to others and to me.  

At present the route will take me from Lindisfarne up the coast to Berwick and there across the border into Scotland.  I will continue along the coast till I reach Edinburgh.  From there I will journey onwards, past Bathgate to Glasgow, and then north west towards Oban on the sea.  From here I expect to explore some of the inner islands before taking a ferry across to Uist.  I will then journey along the backbone of the Outer Hebrides, through Uist, Harris, and finally reaching Lewis and the end of my journey at the Callanish stone circle in the North of the island.

Scottish Storytelling Festival

I have already been really blessed to have been invited to share this journey and the work of A Human Love Story with the 16th International Scottish Storytelling Festival in Edinburgh on October 28th.  These stories and experiences were weaved into the main theme of the festival that explored ways in which our work can help dream new realities into existence. I explored how these stories help bring about a new conscious community, rooted in deep love, that opens out and becomes part of a global narrative and experience, a new world characterised by compassion and understanding.

I was also pleased to be asked to discuss this forthcoming journey with BBC Scotland and have an article written in The National Newspaper.  You can read the interview here.

The National:  Scots invited to add their tales to Living Collection

Made in love - Journeying in GOOD COMPANY

As I journey I take along all that I need in a small pilgrim bag at my side and a rucksack on my back.  Everything I carry and wear is rooted in connections with people.  Made with great care from friends and through organisations who love the work and want to share in the endeavour.  This years Pilgrims Trousers are made in collaboration with IGGI and the crew from Workhouse England.  An amazing outfit that makes beautiful garments by hand for individuals like myself who wish to explore and express their lives and their work.  My Pilgrim bag is made by my wife, my everyday knife from my friend and the founder of Schofield Watch Company, food is made and cooked along the road and hospitality shared as I meet people.  

I am always open to groups, organisations and individuals who want to contribute and be part of the journey, bringing their own energy to the task of connecting people through the stories of our loving connections.  



Walk with me, offer hospitality, food, a bed for the night.  All connections are opportunities for understanding and foe connection.  I look forward to meeting as many people as possible and sharing our stories as we joinery together.   Connect with me here:  matt@ahumanlovestory.com   or   on 07500435387