Love stories from Grange Park Opera

In July 2013 I was resident at Grange Park Opera during their summer festival.  Set up in an Indian pavilion in the grounds of Grange Park I spent time sharing love stories with members of the cast and crew, chefs and chauffeurs, opera-goers, stewards and gardeners.

Mornings, evenings and free days were spent in the surrounding countryside meeting people at local watering holes, in public houses, on the path, and wherever serendipity found a foothold.  During my stay I slept in the grounds.  I came to feel like part of the fabric of the place.  Mornings were spent reading, recording and taking in the view.  As night came and the last revellers departed, winding their way down the long driveway to home, I was left to the silence of Grange Park, the warm evenings breeze and the echoes of laughter fading into the darkness.

Here are some images from my time at Grange Park.  For the love stories you can listen on the Online Audio Collection here