In November 2014 I launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help support the growth of the project.  Up to that point the project had been entirely self funded with the exception of support from Grange Park Opera in the summer of 2013. The funding target of £3000 was set with the intention that those funds would allow me to edit all the beautiful and powerful stories gathered on my travels through England during 2014, helping the archive to grow and expand, reaching more people around the world.

With the love and encouragement of my Kickstarter Backers and many other individuals we achieved our Kickstarter target of £3000 on December 24th.  Making our Kickstarter target allowed me to edit and present dozens of new love stories to the online audio archive and edit many more to be held privately by individuals, couples and families.  

Thank you

This page is a dedication page to all the beautiful, inspiring and positive people who supported A Human Love Story and became my dedicated Kickstarter backers. You are and remain amazing.  

Thank you for your time, your faith and thank you for connecting.  This is now your project as much as it is mine. Something you have helped to build.  A place where we can listen, be heard, share and re-vision our lives.  A place of shared social history, a place of connection, an alternative story of place, not defined by wars, boundaries and acquisition but by the love stories of those people who live and work in the fields and factories, hamlets and cities.   

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