An English Love Story with GalGael

In May 2013 I was privileged to spend an evening with the people of Galgael in Govan, Glasgow, having been invited along by Alistair McKintosh. During the evening I was taken on a tour of the workshops, shared dinner with the community and spoke about the work.  I was very moved by the responses of people and the exchange of love stories.  

Since that inspiring visit I have stayed in contact and have began to talk about other ways in which we might work together. With Govan being one of the poorest inner city areas in Europe I have started to explore the concept of wealth and how that is measured within a community. What constitutes wealth? We are just beginning to discuss how we might measure and map the wealth of communities through the loving acts that are carried out there.  It is really exciting work in the early stages of development. 

More to follow. 

To Find out more about GalGael follow this link

Get your community involved

Opportunities are emerging to pose these questions in communities and towns in England and in Scotland.  If your community would like to be involved with this project then please send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you.