A Human Love Story is a living collection of true love stories from around the world: global stories of connection and compassion.

SCOTTISH PILGRIMAGE 2017 - On World Earth Day, April 22nd, after 34 days walking throughout Scotland I arrived at Callanish on the Island of Lewis on the Outer Hebrides.  This marked the end of a 500 mile journey across Scotland connecting with local people and exploring their love stories and the love stories of this amazing place.  It was an astonishing journey and I was humbled to meet so many wonderful people and hear so many beautiful stories of love.  •  Discover more  •


“One of the most valuable insights we can have is to appreciate the insights of others. The world of love seen from a different angle than our own. Anyone travelling through this extraordinary island we live on with little more than an open heart is always going to show us things that we previously had not known or seen. Make time for this man his ministry is both vivid and invaluable”
— Rev Peter Owen Jones - BBC Extreme Pilgrim, Around the World in 80 Faiths
Thank you, your work is powerful and essential at the same time and it is a rare and precious thing to experience such a sense of holiness in a group of people that have just met
— V. Rocco - Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2016