Giving Voices to those on the margins

With the world searching for its soul amongst the refugee camps and detention centres of Calais and Jordan and beyond, the gathering and sharing of love stories has taken on an additional responsibility as a tool for giving voice to those who live on the margins of our societies. We are now listened to all around the world. The love stories express our shared human endeavour to love and connect in every continent on this beautiful earth. Our love stories are global tales from our worldly family.  And our worldly family includes those people who are marginalised; those groups of people who do not have a voice, who are strangers to us and unrecognisable: the asylum seekers, the refugees, the prisoners, the homeless.  

In 2017 I will be taking the work of A Human Love Story into these uncomfortable places, telling the loving stories of the strangers in our communities and in our global world family. Helping give a voice to those voiceless people we don't recognise.  These stories can help us to recognise the father in the asylum seeker, the mother in the prisoner, the brother and sister in the face of the refugee.  So we can find a connection, until we recognise ourselves in the stranger, until we become less strange to one another, Until We All Have Faces